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HannaThere are moments in life when you’d rather switch off your brain. Stop thinking. Just go for the kiss.

Hanna is that kind of movie. It tastes deliciously as long as you don’t pay too much attention to the logic in the story.

I signed the non-thinking-agreement early in the movie as Hanna pushes that button that really doesn’t make much sense. I kissed her warmly, took her to my heart and promised not to ask any questions and in return she took me for quite a ride, reminding me a bit of Besson.

The pace is in this chase-themed movie is fast and furious most of the time and very much enhanced by the music of The Chemical Brothers. Without that, it wouldn’t quite be the same, and I suppose that if you don’t enjoy that kind of music it probably gets a bit annoying after a while. Once it starts going, it’s very present so to say, and there were moments when I felt as if I was watching a prolonged gloryfied music video. Fortunately for me I loved it and I think it’s the best soundtrack I’ve heard since Eddie Vader’s music of Into the Wild.

This is not a film that will have a profound impact on me, not a movie that will haunt me for the rest of my life, or change me as a person. But it’s nice as long as it lasts, and sometimes a kiss is all you really want.

Hanna (Wright, 2011) My rating: 4/5

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