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x-menNo, just no.

I can’t understand why X-Men: First Class got so comparatively good reviews. From what I had read about it I thought I would see some really nice well written dialogues, good interaction between the main characters, a story that would engage me. I saw nothing of this. It was just a long stretch of out firework, superheroes showing off various tricks, but failing at making me care wheather they would succeed or not. Oh, and also women running around in their underwear for no good reason, reminding me of some outdated Bond moive. It might have been charming in the 60s, but now?

I couldn’t care less about those people and their destinies and I was honestly counting down, waiting for it to finish, which is something I normally don’t do in theatres.

My criticism doesn’t come from being overall negative towards the super hero genre that takes its inspiration form comics. I’m not. All movies aren’t supposed to Change Your View On Life. Some are just there to give us a couple of hours of straightforward entertainment, fair enough. For instance I enjoyed for instance The Dark Knight very much and Spider-Man was, if not as good as The Dark Knight, at least decent. But this one just didn’t catch me. I liked the previous ones better, but then again, they starred Patrick Stewart.

I suppose I might have felt differently if I had grown up on a comic diet of X-Men. Nostalgia is always powerful source of enjoyment.

A reminder
If there’s anything nice to say about it, I guess it would be that it’s somehow refreshing to see a film I genuinly dislike once in a while. It reminds me of how bad movies can be and that I shouldn’t take the high quality movies I love for granted. So from that perspective it wasn’t a complete waste of time and money.

X-Men: First Class (Vaughn,US, 2011) My rating: 2/5

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