My First Cup of Coffee | The Velvet Café

coffee-cupEvery novel begins with a white sheet of paper, every movie starts with an empty screen, and every blog begins with an emptiness that is as much intimidating as inviting.

I’ve called this place The Velvet Café because that’s what it looks like in my imagination: a small and cosy café in red velvet style, barely lit up by the dampened lamps, a handful of armchairs and sofas, looking as comfortable and inviting as a cinema from the good old days.

I often go and see movies alone, which actually is quite nice, as long as you don’t care about social conventions. It’s only as I’m on my way home that I feel that something is missing.

It is as if I don’t get access to the full experience of a movie until I’ve processed it a bit further, put the thoughts and emotions it evoked into words. I have to get it out of my head, somehow, before I can see it.

After the introduction of hands free mobiles, talking to oneself out in the air is quite a normal thing to do. But, conventional or not, I still can’t bring myself to do it. And that’s the reason of existence for this place.

This will be my virtual home, where I shamelessly can think aloud as much as I like without worrying about being annoying, ignorant or plain boring to listen to.

When the show is over and I walk out into the night, I’ll make habit to make a stop at the café to calm down, relax over a hot cup of coffee and ponder upon what I’ve just been through before heading for my bed.

This is not a consumer guide website where I rank movies in a serious, insightful manner.

This is not a place for education or information or the latest news from the World of movies.

The Velvet Café is just me, a middle-aged film loving woman talking to herself about film and anything related to it over a cup of coffee .

The starting point of those ramblings will usually probably be something that has to do with movies in one way or another, such as the most recent one I saw. But since I don’t have any obligations to anyone, I’ll also let my thoughts wander as they like, enjoying the freedom of writing for fun, out of enthusiasm rather than for a living. The Velvet Café is all about my own enjoyment.

Nevertheless, if someone happens to pass by, getting curious about what’s behind those red velvet drapers, attracted by the soft, forgiving light and the smell of freshly made coffee, please go ahead and don’t be shy! Join me at the table, have a drink of your liking,  speak up and throw your own thoughts into the conversation or stay silent, just listening. The choice is yours.

And so it begins.

I’ve just finished my first cup of coffee at my new place and I have the distinct feeling that I’m going to like this.

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