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Lambs in the air!

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How does a lamb sound? Ask an Englishman and he says: “baa”. Ask a Swede and he says “bää”, which is an altogether different sound (you pronounce that weird “ä” letter like the vowels in “hair”).

No wonder we have difficulties in communicating across the borders if we can’t even agree on that thing! Or perhaps there actually are language barriers among animals as well? If I brought a sheep from New Zealand to Sweden, could he get by with his southern hemisphere bleating or would the northern sheep just stare at him with raised eyebrows?

See there, something new for you to ponder upon now that we’re done with the Oscars!

I know one thing though: the members of LAMB, the large association of movie blogs, with over a thousand of members from all over the world, are just like sheep in the manner that we’re talkative. We don’t let minor issues such as different time zones and native languages stop us from coming together and chat away.

Cleaver lambs as we are, we’ve appointed a special field, where the grass is more delicious than anywhere else, as our regular meet-up point. This field in question is the podcast The LAMBcast.

Each week five lambs meet up to bleat over various topics in a different set-up each time. And in the latest episode, number 105, the turn had come to yours truly. The theme of the show was “Watcha been watchin’ lately?” Together with four other bloggers I talked about a movie I had watched recently. I can reveal as much as that after talking about small art house movies in The Matineecast, I decided to talk about something really mainstream for a change. Finally we followed up with our rants and raves of the week and yet another trivia game, which I’d rather not speak about.

Apart from me there were four other lambs on the show: Nick from Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob, Dan Heaton of Public Transportation Snob,  Steve of 1001 Plus and Stevee of Cinematic Paradox.

Stevee is from New Zealand by the way and considering it’s situated exactly on the opposite side of Earth compared to Sweden and with the other participants originating from North America somewhere in between, you really can’t get much more international than this.

Stevee said “baa”. I said “bää”. But I think we understood each other fairly well.

If you’re up for yet another podcast with me in it (I know two in a week is a little bit of bad timing), you can listen to it here or download it from iTunes.

Written by Jessica

February 28, 2012 at 4:16 pm

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  1. Hej Jessica
    I assume that the lamb question was rhetorical but still I cannot refrain from responding. I recently spent a short holiday in a sheep enclosure. Well, to be more exact the house was just outside the enclosure but through a large window we could watch the sheep the whole day if we wanted to. This was black headed Dorper sheep from South Africa but living on Flinders Island in the south of Australia. Very nice looking sheep but despite the heritage and the location they still said bää. Not sure though how you would spell that in English, baeae doesn’t look that nice. New Zealand sheep might be different though. I haven’t yet seen the New Zealand movie Black Sheep but from the description I think the sound of the sheep is rather irrelevant.

    Science Guru

    February 28, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    • Hehe. It’s nice to hear that the sheep say bää in Australia too, regardless of what the Aussies believe they hear!

      Black Sheep is a very silly movie, but entertaining if you enjoy over-the-top, humoristic takes on the horror genre. I got a good laugh really. If I had had a drink watching it I might have gotten even more laughs. But I think it takes a particular sense of humor. If you like the scenes in Monty Python where they chop off arms, it might be for you.

      I’ve actually been to New Zealand many years ago and as far as I recall they did sound like Swedes. So I reckon the question wasn’t entirely serious.


      February 28, 2012 at 7:47 pm

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